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London Plan Energy Strategy

It's all too easy to over spec your London Plan Energy Strategy but we'll make sure you get it right.

London Plan Energy Strategy - At what stage(s) does this apply during planning?

Are you developing in the London boroughs? There are stringent CO2 targets in place specific to London that reach far beyond current Building Regulation targets. It’s always worth checking with the LPA before submitting your planning application.

What is the London Plan?

The London Plan sets out a standard approach to energy targets, with an aim to create a more sustainable city for the future. The London Plan applies to the 33 London boroughs, however some boroughs have their own tougher targets.

The requirements of the Local Planning Authorities (LPA) vary, with some requiring a 35% CO2 reductions (compared to Part L Building Regulations), whilst others ask for up to 50% reduction. Larger sites, for example, domestic developments of more than ten dwellings, must not only meet the Part L Target Emission Rate and the LPA’s own emission targets, but now need to also agree to a carbon offset payment for all remaining regulated energy

Do I need a London Plan Energy Strategy?

If you are building within the City of London or one of the 32 boroughs, you will need a London Plan Energy Strategy. The London Plan applies to both domestic and non-domestic developments. It’s always worth checking with your local authority for their exact requirements before submitting your planning application.

Our approach

We understand your deadlines so you’ll receive a same day quote and response to any queries. Our fast-tracked Planning Reports communicate compliance with the policies in a simple way, within your deadlines. 

With such a variety of targets to hit, it’s important to know which ones apply to your site. We will act on your behalf to liaise directly with your LPA, negotiating policy requirements and advising on the best way achieve your London Plan energy requirements.

Our team of planning specialists work on London Plan compliant documents daily and can guide you through the process, offering advice and consultancy on realistic technical solutions.

What happens next?

The Energy Strategy will include:

  • How we ensure each tier of the Energy Hierarchy will be achieved.
  • How we can help you reduce internal water consumption to 105 litres per person per day.
  • Thermal Modelling can be used to ensure you are not at risk of summer overheating.
  • If you require BREEAM  we will ensure this is within the strategy.
  • We will help with to liaise with the Local Planning Authority to ensure agreements on any deviations. 

You may also need:

 SAP  |  SBEM   |   Water Efficiency Calculation

Which building regulations apply in your area?

Building regulations and energy assessments can vary according to which region your project is in. Use our checker to make sure you are aware of what you need.
Helping you to comply with The London Plan policy