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Water Efficiency Calculations (Part G)

Measure the water usage of your home.

Water Efficiency Calculations (Part G) - At what stage(s) does this apply during your build?

What the Regulations say...

Water Efficiency (also known as Part G) is a regulation within the Building Regulations 2014, for England and Wales. It measures the flow rate of taps, showers, toilets, bath tub sizes and the water used by 'white goods'. It can also take into account rain water and waste water systems. 

Part G in most Local Authorities, require a 125 litres per person per day, however some Authorities require a lower target of 110 litres. 

Getting that all important "Yes"

  • If you intend to install extra large bathtubs, offset this with more efficient fittings elsewhere. 
  • Using wastewater or rainwater systems can significantly improve the "Water Efficiency" Result and achieve a "Pass" result. 

Simple 5 - Step Process

We will:

1. Assess your Specification and Plans.

2. Research your LPA's targets.

3. Calculate the water use and make recommendations.

4. Send your report and supporting documentation.

5. Meet your deadlines. 

Which building regulations apply in your area?

Building regulations and energy assessments can vary according to which region your project is in. Use our checker to make sure you are aware of what you need.
Water Efficiency Calculations (Part G)