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Allenbuild’s Ambitious Domestic Project Beat The London Plan

The Brief

It’s all part of The London Plan, the capital’s unique set of regulations that push developers to make the most of thermal elements and renewable technology to build world class green homes and work-spaces, such as this ambitious domestic development from the renowned Allenbuild of North Cheam.

It’s what’s inside that counts

With 86 flats across six floors in Brentford, Allenbuild’s project for a private West London landlord needed to be efficient down to the decimal. The best way to get a project off to a green start is what we call the “fabric first” approach. By making sure all thermal elements of the building fabric are hitting the best u-values possible, the build can save having to make costly additions to hit regulatory targets.

Allenbuild teamed up with us for their value engineering, where the materials for every thermal element are carefully chosen to maximise efficiency and keep costs down. The result was u-values of 0.18 for the ground floor, 0.19 for external walls and 0.13 for the roof. This means that all 86 flats are at their best even before any building services or renewables are installed.

Every little helps

Of course, it’s no good having an efficient building fabric if everyday use is carbon costly. By using a community centralised gas central heating system the occupants of the 86 flats will be able to live comfortably without living wastefully, great for the environment and for their bills. Even better for Allenbuild, who followed our advice and found the most cost-effective equipment for the job.

We also looked over the designs to locate potential problem areas for air leakage. We urge developers never to underestimate how hot air escaping and cold air infiltrating a build could undo its efficiency. Allenbuild went above and beyond here, achieving a fantastic 5 stars for air permeability.

The Solution

The cherry on top

Despite already producing exceptional results for their thermal elements and building services, Allenbuild capped off their project with an award winning array of photovoltaic cells. High in West London’s skies, these 325 square metres of sun-absorbing panels will produce 41.28 kWp (kilowatt peak) for the build – enough to run 41 electric panel heaters!

The Result

"As is so often the case these days, the development’s driving force is meeting the London Plan,’ explains Energist’s Jon Ponting. ‘This is the epitome of regulation-driven development – exactly where we come into our own to support clients like Allenbuild from the earliest stages of project design"
Jon Ponting