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Prompt SAP Calculation turnaround from Energist despite expected complications

25 Jul 2019


The challenge

We know the construction industry is full of red tape, and despite efforts from the Government to reduce it, there’s still a lot of paper-chasing and unnecessary U-turns that lead to last minute delays on site.

Part L compliance is no exception. It can easily become an uphill struggle to tick all the boxes as assessors and developers go back and forth to discuss multiple options. However, Energist and Esquire Developments have shown it doesn’t have to be like that. Instead, SAP calculations can be simple and quick with no additional headaches.

Esquire Developments, an award-winning developer known for luxury bespoke house-building, were planning a development of 17 new dwellings in Tonbridge, including a mix of large homes and flats. This site had two complications. Firstly, there was no mains gas on site, so LPG systems were the preference of the developer. This approach typically adds 10% to a dwelling’s emission rate which can make Part L compliance trickier.

But the big priority for this site was speed. The Developer wanted to make sure each building complied with Part L before work started on site, and that work was due to start imminently.

The solution

Neither of these points were a worry for us. The order for SAP calculations and water efficiency calculations was taken on by Dalton in the Energist Technical Team, who promptly created the required reports without any time-wasting or unnecessary conversations.

The LPG issue didn’t become a headache. Dalton was able to base the calculations on the Developer’s own specification without having to force through any unwanted changes.

Timescales at the end of the build are no concern either, with Energist committing to a same-day EPC turnaround at no extra charge.

The result

Ben Kilgore summed up Energist’s involvement: “Guaranteeing the SAPs at Design Stage is crucial for us. Connie and Dalton have nailed our requirements and specification. We don’t need long-winded conversations to get us what we need.

Ben continued: “Connie is very efficient and understands programme of delivery. Delivery is efficient and accommodating, when changes are required.”

Energist’s standard turnaround time for SAP calculations is 14 working days, but we can also offer clients a 48 hour fast-track service when deadlines are tighter. We appreciate timescales can often be a key issue on construction sites, as delays cost money, but there’s no reason why Part L requirements should be part of that list.