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In the news: Malthouse and Clark

The latest industry news and updates brought to you from the Energist Technical Team

The framework definition of ‘Net Zero Carbon Buildings’

This industry funded study looks at what needs to change if the Government wants to push us towards completel...

Meet the Energist BREEAM team

Get to know our team of BREEAM and sustainability specialists

Meet the Team: Q&A with Helen

Get to know Helen, Client Director at Energist

Fresh guidance issued on MEES upgrades

The regulation that forces landlords to upgrade some of the UK's least energy efficient buildings is celebrat...

Meet the Team: Q&A with Aaron

Get to know Aaron, Team Leader of the Technical Team at Energist

Completion stage: The services you need at the end of your build

You can see the finish line on your current development, and you have potential occupants keen to get hold of...

Gas boilers to be banned in 2025? We don't think so

You may have spotted a story in the news recently claiming gas boilers will be banned in new homes from 2025

How do Design Stage requirements differ around the country?

Getting a big thumbs up from the local planning department can open up a whole new chapter in the progress of...

Meet the Team: Q&A with Connie

Get to know Connie, manager of the Regionals Team at Energist

Brexit: What could it mean for the construction industry?

Part L is likely to be the first post-Brexit revision to Building Regulations, so it will be interesting to s...

Infographic: Which energy and sustainability services do I need?

We like to make things simple, which is why we've created a handy wheel to show our main services and when we...

BREEAM 2018: One year on

Since the latest revision of BREEAM New Construction was release, both Energist and our clients have learnt m...

Need Fast-track Energy and Sustainability Assessments?

Energist holds a commitment to offer a speedy service without compromising on quality, which means we can tak...

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