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What is SAP2013 and do I need to worry about it?

Most of us are still getting use to the ‘new’ SAP assessment, launched in October 2010… that’s changing in 2013 to make new homes even more efficient than currently. This is known as SAP 2013, and is the next step in the Government’s plan to get the UK building zero carbon homes in by 2016. The details of SAP2013 haven’t been fully announced yet, but keep an eye on our blog and news feeds for the latest information.

Should you be worried about it? No, but you should be prepared. Although the finer points are still to be released by Government, it’s widely expected that emission rates are going to be cut further, with a greater emphasis placed on better constructed buildings, more efficient heating systems and the more widely accepted use of renewable technology.

As soon as we have an understanding about what is changing, we’ll spread the word on the knowledge bank and produce a brand new One Minute Guide booklet for you to download and digest at your own pace. It’s important that you have the knowledge of upcoming legislation changes so you can prepare the budgets and staff training for your up and coming developments.  

Katie Smart

Author: Katie Smart

This article was published by Katie Smart on 05.04.2012.