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I’ve been told we need to use PV to pass the SAP, is this true?

The question you may want to ask yourself; would it be cheaper to make all these changes, or install renewables, or a mix of both? There are developers who will happily rule out renewable technology on grounds of cost, but then spend far more money on better glazing, heating controls and heat recovery systems. Others prefer to build a house to a minimum specification and then install renewables to decrease overall emission rates. When we complete an assessment, we like to know what your priorities are before we complete your reports: Are you into fabric first, are you into renewables? Is cost more important than green credentials?

PV panels are definitely an option to consider when planning your next development, but equally important to consider our your main heating (boiler or heat pump) and ventilation systems (natural or with heat recovery)? We’ll look at the options that best suit your needs… all we ask is that you’re open minded for looking at alternatives options, as this will become more and more important as we head towards a zero carbon construction world.  

Katie Smart

Author: Katie Smart

This article was published by Katie Smart on 05.04.2012.