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Air Test No Trouble – for Double Bubble House

Enter Steve Molloy, one of the Energist Air Testing Team…

Steve identified some penetrations through the floor that were leaking and sealed them up. His main concern, however, was the patio doors which were leaking quite badly. He quickly identified that the frame membrane had been damaged which was part of the reason for air leakage. He also found air leakage under the doors themselves.

As we are not a ‘jobsworth’ company (far from it, in fact) Steve took it upon himself to ring the door supplier to discuss adjustments that would help with the air leakage. This would not only improve the air test result – but it would impact on heating bills and sustainability for Nicole and her new home.

“Steve came this morning to air test our house test and we scored 1.09 – I was delighted. Steve was incredibly helpful and did an excellent job of identifying areas that needed additional air tightness taping. He also spoke several times with our door supplier over an issue we had with the sliding doors. I was very impressed by the service he gave.”

Nicole Towler

The end result? An air test result of 1.09 and a delighted client.

Energist UK, always working to make your world better….

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 28.02.2013.