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Are you ready for the Green Deal?

No fanfares or bunting… it has had what has been described as a ‘soft launch’ which is hoped will gain momentum over the coming months.

According to one report, just seven assessment companies and two approved providers were fully authorised on Day One, although in fairness dozens more companies are working on being added before too long.

So what does this mean for you? It is now possible to have your home or business premises assessed to find out what savings can be made in relation to energy efficiency, and which of these improvements can be claimed under the Green Deal.

Funding for projects will not go live until the end of January next year… it is only Green Deal assessments that can be completed at the moment.

The assessment involves a visit to your home/building by an approved person who will calculate the expected cost of fuel bills over the course of a typical year. (The calculation uses the same maths that is behind the SAP and SBEM assessments which are used for Building Regulations compliance).

The assessor will predominantly look at the existing levels of insulation and the age of the heating, lighting and ventilation systems. Recommendations for the most cost effective changes will vary from plot to plot.

Once the assessment has been completed and recommendations are drawn up, you then have the option of bringing on board an approved provider to carry out the work.

You still have to pay for the work to be completed, but in theory you shouldn’t notice that you’re paying anything at all. The way the Green Deal is funded is actually quite clever…

Let’s say you pay £1,000 in electricity annually. You have your home assessed, and the result shows that having your loft insulated and boiler replaced will cut your fuel bill to £500 a year.

The work is carried out, and your electricity supplier notified. You then pay for the work through your electricity bill… so you may find you’re still paying £1,000, but half of that is paying for the work.

When the work has been paid for, your electricity bill goes down to where it should be.

Although it works on paper, there are still a few apparent issues to iron out: It’s still not clear how much interest you’ll be paying; there also seems to be public uncertainty about the standard of work which is likely to be carried out under the scheme.

The Green Deal section of the DECC website is a very useful resource if you would like more information or reassurances about the scheme.

Now, this is usually the part of the blog where we suggest you call us for more information, and I appreciate this is a strange bit of anti-marketing, but Energist is not currently in the running to become a Green Deal assessment company (as we prefer to focus on new building projects).

We are however keeping a close eye on developments, and will keep you updated with anything newsworthy.

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 11.10.2012.