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Building Regulations to be simplified

As today’s changes aren’t directly in the regulations, they can be brought into place quickly… the following goes live on January 9th.

In the area of energy efficiency and EPC’s, the main adjustments are:

-       Listed buildings (residential and commercial) will no longer require EPCs on sale or rent. The logic here is that it’s a pointless exercise if the owners are not allowed to complete building work which would improve the efficiency of the building.

-       More publicly owned buildings will require Display Energy Certificates (any building larger than 500sqm instead of the current 1,000sqm). This only applies to buildings which are ‘frequently visited’ by the public.

-       Estate and letting agents must include EPC details on any houses they advertise (if available). This replaces the current rule that the front page of the EPC must be shown in any literature provided to prospective homebuyers.

Elsewhere there are plans to focus Part P, which covers electrical safety, more on larger scale work and higher-risk jobs. Plans are also underway to simplify Parts K, M and N, as the three sets of Regulations currently contain quite a lot of crossover and conflicting information.

The main focus of these changes is to remove some of the complications and red tape that builders have to go through – it is claimed today’s announcement by the Communities for Local Government will save £50 million a year to businesses in the industry.

Today’s announcement also includes feedback received from the consultation into the new Part L and SAP assessment, which is scheduled to come into force in 2013. How this information will be used to directly impact Building Regs going forward is yet to be announced. You can download the full statement and related links here;  

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 19.12.2012.