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Cutting Red Tape For Office to Flat Conversions...

It’s hoped the announcement, which is only going to stand for the next two years, will help ease the need for housing in urban areas, while putting derelict buildings to good use.

Rules have also been relaxed so the use of commercial units, from restaurants to offices to shops, can also be changed with planning permission.

But a spokesman from the Local Government Association has called the decision a ‘short-term boost’ and has accused Westminster of creating a ‘panic measure’.

It’s feared the move means local councillors and the public will no longer get a chance to voice concerns or objections about how their local High Streets are going to be transformed.

But others, including the likes of Mary Portas, are in favour of the announcement, pointing out how this is a great example of how Parliament can get rid of some of the red tape which currently swamps the planning process.

There are some exemptions – for example for central mile of the Capital has been protected to ensure it stays the commercial centre of the country.

Also, licences for businesses such as payday lenders and bookmakers will still need the relevant licenses to trade.

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Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 07.06.2013.