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Ecohomes in Scotland not as popular as expected

In total there are 52 Ecohomes at Balvonie Braes - twenty were bought soon after the site was shown off to the public by Housing Associations and Shared Ownership deals, but since then interest in the houses has dwindled.

The development was partially-funded through a Government backed loan of £6million on the believe that sales would exceed this by April 2012.

Ecohomes developments exceed the energy efficiency requirements of current Building Regulations, and usually adopt stringent house-building techniques, low air tightness and the latest heating, lighting and ventilation systems.

In England, Ecohomes assessments are only completed on some larger conversion developments, but it is hoped the practice will take off for new sites in Scotland.

Green campaigners are hoping the slow sales won't be enough to discourage developers building similar projects in other parts of the country, although current financial instability may be a bigger factor for the time being.

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 01.12.2011.