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Feed-In-Tariff: Government announcement

In today's announcement, it has been confirmed that any PV arrays which are installed and registered after March 3rd will be paid out the lower 21p rate... but only if the homeowner can produce a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) showing a Rating of D or better.

Any house which has an E-G rating, or does not have an EPC at all, will be given a lower payout. This does not effect PV arrays which were registered before mid-December 2011, where the owners will continue to receive their agreed payout per kilowatt.

It is hoped the use of EPC ratings within the Feed-In-Tariff will encourage homeowners to make improvements to the fabric efficiency of their homes before joining the renewable bandwagon... particfularly with the anticipated Green Deal launching later this year.

There is further discussion planned in relation to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) boilers - which also generate electricity - as the Feed-In-Tariff maybe adjusted to pay out more for people who generate electricity this way.

The full list of proposed changes is available to read on the Department for Energy and Climate Change website.

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 09.02.2012.