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Heating installers need to change their ways if UK is to meet 2050 target

The findings, published this week by the Royal Academy of Engineering suggest the UK can't meet it's 80% cut in CO2 by 2050 without coming away from conventional boilers, and quickly switching over to ground source heat pumps, wood-fired boilers and Micro Combined Heat and Power (MCHP) systems.

The RAE report concludes there is not a single answer to changing how we heat our homes, but that a combination of these modern technologies will need to be more commonly used in new developments to help the UK reach the 2050 emissions goal.

Some press articles are shining the spotlight on plumbers and heating engineers for not encouraging builders to come away from gas and oil heating systems.

Another viewpoint is focusing on the Government's Green Deal policy, which is hoped will encourage homeowners to replace their current boilers with a new, more CO2-friendly system.

Close to 25% of the UK's total carbon emissions come from us heating our homes, so it is a key area for the Government to focus on as part of the overall.

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 12.01.2012.