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How Energist and a Service Station Saved Spotted Dog

The best laid plans…

With over 10 years of industry experience, Adam Dias, Managing Director of Miriad Properties, is an expert at safely steering his projects through the hundreds of potential problems that haunt even the most modest development.

Everything was business as usual for his Spotted Dog development in Epping, which found its quirky name from the pub that originally sat on site. The project involved demolishing this pub and building a terrace of eight high quality modern town houses in its place.

Miriad Properties specialise in redevelopments, so this was Adam’s first time overseeing a new build. Despite this, his tried and tested approach of planning far ahead and assembling a trusted team meant everything went smoothly.

Energist was a part of that team, brought in to provide SAPs and EPCs. Rhiannon, our technical assessor for Spotted Dog, provided advice and context along with the tests. The dwellings only needed minor tweaks to the materials and equipment to give them all a pass.

…Often go awry

But one essential detail had slipped through the cracks. Just days before buyers were scheduled to hand over the paperwork for two of the properties, Adam discovered that mandatory air tightness tests had not been completed.

Air tightness tests are one of our top selling services. Bookings fill fast, so we usually advise clients to schedule two or three weeks in advance. Their results form part of the as built SAP report and EPC, which are required before the project can be signed off and the property sold.

[Capture] The deadline was dawning for Spotted Dog. Adam needed days, not weeks. Time may not have been on his side but luckily Energist was.

Photo finish

“When push comes to shove, we’ll do our best pull it out the bag for our clients,” said Selena, our project manager for Spotted Dog, who squeezed in air tests the day before handover.

Thanks to Selena’s knowledge of testing requirements, Adam only needed to book tests on four of the homes, saving him money and, even more valuable, time.

Paul, our air tester, completed his work on the properties first thing in the morning. Results in hand, he sped off (within the speed limit, of course) to a service station, got himself a coffee and some wi-fi and sent everything over to Rhiannon.

By 2 o’clock, she had the as built EPCs ready for Adam to hand straight over to building control. The properties could be sold the next day, and instead of having egg on his face, he had a smile.

At Energist, we believe making your world better means putting people first. Construction, even when meticulously planned, can be unpredictable. Everyone makes mistakes – by being flexible we can catch them when they do. All you need to do is give us a call.

See all the pictures of the build in progress here.

Rhiannon Edwards

Author: Rhiannon Edwards

This article was published by Rhiannon Edwards on 11.07.2014.