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How to work with different Code levels

Taylor Wimpey (SE) had a site in Maidstone where both Code Level 2 and Code Level 3 were applicable. This meant that the team at Energist had to help develop a specification that was common to both the Code 2 and Code 3 dwellings and then enhance it to achieve Level 3 where required.

To ensure easy implementation on site, our assessors used cost effective, easy to install measures and reduced the cost and the amount of evidence we needed to receive. By signing off the Design Stage first, the post construction stage is made much easier as the amount of evidence required is substantially reduced.

Although the releases for this site were spread out over 3 years and different Code levels were needed, the Energist team made it as easy as possible for Taylor Wimpey.

Dominique Stockford

Author: Dominique Stockford

This article was published by Dominique Stockford on 14.08.2012.