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Is £300k worth saving?

The local authority wanted ‘Part L plus 25 per cent’

Working from site plans and specs, Energist assessor Jon Ponting started work. Commenting on his first reaction to the assignment, Jon says: ‘Though I love a challenge, I must admit that I was initially apprehensive about being able to find an alternative way to achieve compliance, particularly as the local authority insisted on exceeding Part L by 25 per cent!’

He soon realised that the required results could be achieved with a few changes to wall and roof specs, and by using more solar panels. And with photovoltaic cells already specified, the cost of extra units was balanced by the lower unit cost with more panels.

After our initial meeting we regarded Energist as a strong point of contact and a good source for the changing energy requirements associated with the construction industry. The scheme in Hackney was certainly a challenge and with the input from Energist we managed to reduce cost and improve the energy performance within the building. A very quick response and good clear advice during this process was key and Energist met this without any problems.

– Phil Lawrence, Allenbuild SE

More PV cells held the key to compliance

According to Jon, inspiration for greater use of roof-mounted PV cells came when he realised that the flats had been designed with high-efficiency electric panel heating – running on high-CO2 mains electricity! It was immediately apparent that more solar panels would compensate for this – it was the key to satisfying the LA.

Delight at the £300k saving

Not surprisingly, Allenbuild are delighted with the outcome and promptly instructed us to do SAP assessments for the remaining flats. Jon and his colleagues will be busy, while Allenbuild’s finance department will count the benefit to a tune of £300k. There’s also the priceless peace of mind from getting high-quality advice. And their reputation with the local authority should go up too.

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Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 28.02.2012.