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London builders encouraged to focus on retrofits and renovations

If his plea takes off, it could cause of huge wave of retrofit projects across the UK over the next few years. History tells us that the amount of people moving house dips during difficult financial times, with many opting to renovate or extend their current home.

As well as helping to cut overall energy demand, Johnson expects the additional work would lead to more employment in the sector.

There are already a couple of schemes in the Capital which specialise in renovation such as Re:New and Re:Fit, however these are partially funded by councils and Government backed bodies.

But according to Energy Efficiency News, these schemes haven't seen the demand they were predicting - it was hoped that Re:New would improve 200,000 homes by 2012. So far it has completed work on 9,000.

Improvements range from the simple fixes like changing light bulbs, to more enhanced building work such as adding insulation to external walls and roofs.

It's predicted the efficiency of existing housing stock is going to become a key focus of the Government following 2016 - after this date all new build homes across the UK should be constructed to a zero carbon standard.

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 10.10.2011.