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If Men are from Mars, then DCLG are from Venus

With no announcements about why there are further delays and no press releases to suggest why the publication date has been and gone, we've come up with a theory…

How long is a week? Seven little days?… 168 little hours?… When we were told that the new Part L Approved Documents would be made publicly available in the week commencing 21st October, we thought all of our questions would be answered by the 28th at the latest.

Given it’s now the 14th of November and there’s still no sign of the documents, it seems sensible to deduce that the Department for Communities and Local Government are using a different calendar to the rest of us.

So what other kinds of week are there apart from our seven-day-week calendar? Earth-based weeks throughout history (from the Guipuscoan Basque to the Maya calendar) tend to be no more than 13 days long – so it can’t be any of those.

Martian weeks are very similar to ours, and most planets in our solar system have quicker weeks than our own, but we've found a couple of contenders.

Mercury’s week is just short of two Earth months, so a week commencing 21st October 2013 on Mercury would take us up to 6th December 2014.

But let’s hope DCLG haven’t adopted the calendar of Venus where a week lasts 1,701 days – that would mean we can expect Part L to be released sometime between October 21st 2013, and the 18th June 2018.

Whether the documents are released in 2018 or tomorrow, we’ll be keeping a constant ear to the ground, and update you as soon as any news becomes available. For all the latest you can join the UK Building Regulations group on LinkedIn for news and updates.  

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 15.11.2013.