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Nick Day Goes ‘Above and Beyond’ to Delight his Client

Sustainability balanced with building costs

It’s always good to work with someone whose main motivation is making sure his client gets a property where sustainability is optimally balanced with building costs. We had an initial discussion with Nick and his team, reviewed the plans and gave two important pieces of advice: firstly, to change the house orientation to maximise solar gain; secondly, to put more windows in the study to increase Code credits. Both are simple to do while a design is on the drawing board – but nigh on impossible once it’s built…

Different options

Next we held a Code pre-assessment meeting where we looked at solar gains in detail, discussed grey water harvesting options and looked into whether they should take the heat pump or renewables route.

Energist’s Dominique Gilbert says: ‘As this was the client’s first Code project, they particularly appreciated how we painstakingly went through each Code credit (and the required evidence) step by step.’

Refreshing responsiveness to our suggestions

Summing up another successful project, Dominique adds: ‘The key was Nick’s responsiveness to our suggestions and his willingness to call us in early. Add his passion for doing right by his client and it’s not surprising that he eventually achieved Code Level 4 with points in hand and plenty of ‘wriggle room’ for the construction phase.’

This was Nick’s first Code experience with how we can make a designer’s world better. It emphasises the benefits of getting specialist advice as early as possible. On its completion, the lucky client will have Nick’s foresight and openness to ideas to thank for the property’s sustainability and green credentials.

Dominique Stockford

Author: Dominique Stockford

This article was published by Dominique Stockford on 20.08.2013.