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Option “M” proved a winner for Persimmon

Wayne Worsdale, Technical Manager for Persimmon (Midlands) turned to Energist UK for help. Our assessor, Dominique Gilbert started to look at all of the options for the development of 195 plots. When we say all of the options, we do mean all of the options…. Dominique actually got through options “A” to “L” before finally landing on the optimum solution for Persimmon. Option “M” included mechanical ventilation in all plots.

How did she achieve the desired results? Well, the 10% reduction was achieved through utilizing highly efficient boilers (from a supplier who have a group deal with Persimmon), improving the specification for heating controls and using less gas savers across the development (these are more expensive).

Wayne commented “I was really pleased to be involved with this development from the start and writing the site specification for our first new Part L development in the region along with the additional 10% required above current Part L 2010 standards.

Without the input and expertise of Dominique, we would not have achieved a solution.

Wayne Worsdale, Persimmon (Midlands)

The development created numerous challenges for me in terms of delivering a specification that could be achieved through the building fabric rather than using renewables and working with Energist proved a very efficient, effective and invaluable relationship looking at almost every option available (within reason) until we achieved the most cost effective and practical solution achievable to our region, whilst maintaining current suppliers and products.”

Dominique Stockford

Author: Dominique Stockford

This article was published by Dominique Stockford on 19.06.2012.