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Planning Stage Considerations for Land Managers

Here are some of the things that we at Energist recommend to Land Managers:

1 Take a detailed look at sustainability during the planning stage

Many local planning Authorities require a Code for Sustainable Homes assessment for residential new builds, or a BREEAM assessment for non-domestic premises. The success of both of these assessments can often rest on site specific mandatory requirements, which can be costly to meet, for example Surface water run-off strategies for Sur 1 of the CSH.

2 Know the renewable energy requirements set by your local planning authority

Local planning authorities can require that a proportion of the energy demand or carbon emissions of the development is provided through the use of renewable energy. This obviously greatly impacts on the build costs of the site and you need to be sure that your solution will meet both the planning requirements and provide you with a cost effective solution. Only by working through each sustainability requirement at planning stage can you be confident that you’ve addressed them in the most cost effective means possible. This will minimise any risk further down the line and ensure the process is a smooth as possible during development.

3 Renewable technology is not the only answer

There is an argument to suggest the enforcement of renewable technology is not the only answer, as improved building design and fabric can reduce the overall energy demand without the need of using such technology. Most planning departments will encourage the use of both techniques, and will suggest enhanced building fabric is considered BEFORE the energy reduction is required.

4 Consider energy statements

Energy statements - or feasibility studies – are becoming ever more popular with planning departments throughout the United Kingdom, as Government targets ensure energy saving and carbon emission reductions are considered in all parts of the country. Some authorities prefer an Energy Statement based on emissions, whilst others prefer it to be based on energy use. We do either – and we make sure we’ve always got the latest data so we know exactly what each council expects.

Every service is focused on building your success…

With years of experience and some of the brightest people in the business, our commercial and residential services focus on your project’s success. And the long-term success of your design or construction organisation. Whether we’re interpreting the Government’s latest requirements or helping you achieve compliance, your success is always our focus. Here at Energist we can provide CSH pre-assessments, BREEAM pre-assessments, Energy Statements, SAP and SBEM calculations. At planning stage we can help you meet your Local planning authority’s sustainability requirements by: - Liaising directly with the LPA to understand their requirements - Working closely with you to ensure you are comfortable with the solutions we provide - Identifying any areas of risk that may incur extra cost if not addressed at this early stage - Identifying the most cost effective solution to meet your requirements. - Turning your project around quickly - we understand you may have tight planning deadlines and we’ll make sure we work to these to avoid any unnecessary delays.

 …and making your world better

Even small projects can be exceptionally challenging with so many compliance hurdles to overcome – but it needn’t be so. Whatever your concerns about environmental consultancy or Part L, our knowledge and experience really can help your project and your business be more successful. If you’re in building design or construction, we’ll make your world better; that’s a promise.  

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 25.04.2012.