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SBEM savings for John Hallam Associates

Sometimes nailing the details takes more than a phone call or an exchange of emails. In this instance, our SBEM assessor, Steve Hull, arranged a face to face meeting with John and Graham Morris from Helix, his M& E engineer. This enabled Steve to tighten up the SBEM assessment and eliminate any assumptions. It also meant he could recommend where to make savings on the design of the facility.

Together, they were able to identify areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning that could be eliminated – by considering it a process load only. Steve also showed John and Graham that the lighting load and auxillary load needed respecifying to improve the SBEM.

Looking at all the details saves £80-£100k

With these two factors adjusted, the need for PV was reduced from 333m² to 160m² – a saving of between £80 and £100k, making the production facility a strong viable investment.

John Hallam was very pleased with the result.

Exacting calculations provided to meet Building Reg. requirements.

John Hallam

Steve Hull

Author: Steve Hull

This article was published by Steve Hull on 11.09.2012.