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Spa in Hotel Refurbishment gets sound acoustic advice

As this project comes under ‘new build’ and ‘material change of use’, it needs to achieve the airborne and impact sound insulation standards given in Approved Document E 2003 of the Building Regulations.

This is a bespoke build, with many restrictions within the current structure – a challenge that we and our acoustic partner, Hilson Moran, love to get our teeth into! We know that getting acoustic advice in the early stages of such a project can save thousands of pounds later on, so during the design stage, we’ve been advising on upgrades to the existing walls and floors.

The Challenge

Some of the bedrooms are above the proposed spa treatment rooms and so require a higher level of sound insulation than normal. We’ve recommended exceeding building regulations by 5dB…. but with limited head height, existing doors and poor floor construction, the biggest challenge was to make the floors as good as possible!

The existing timber floors will be upgraded to include a resilient layer, resilient bars, cavity insulation and a dense board ceiling. However, as workmanship during the construction stage is critical (especially in relation to the resilient bars) our client will need to closely monitor this stage.

Our next step? To be on hand for queries during construction and to test the project on completion towards the end of summer 2013.

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 13.08.2013.