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Struggling to Put Your Part L Pieces Together? Let Us Solve the Puzzle

As an energy assessor, I have many spinning plates. What our clients often don’t realise is how many of theirs I can take as well.

Too many eggs, too many baskets

An accurate Part L assessment requires intimate knowledge of the build. On top of the u-values of the building fabric itself, I need to know the efficiency of the mechanical and electrical services such as boilers, ventilation and lighting. And that’s not everything; believe me, the list goes on.

If you have this smorgasbord of data served and ready to go, that’s fantastic! But in reality, many projects have their information spread across multiple parties: the client themselves, the architects, the mechanical and electrical engineers and, in some cases, even the landlords.

And with each person added, the higher the chance that an unseen email or an ignored call will grind your project to a halt.

Man plans and Part L laughs

If your project is laden with loose threads, you may feel pulling everything together yourself will make my life easier. While I appreciate the sentiment, this can cause a range of problems:

Delays pile up from questions going from me, to you, to the people in the know and back again.
You may forget one small but essential piece of information I need, sending you back around your contacts.

There’s always a risk of Chinese whispers, which can be disastrous when an assessment’s success comes down to the decimal.

Speaking in tongues

The fact is, learning the Part L lingo takes a long time. With eight years at Energist under my belt, I can talk to architects and engineers in their language, which you may not understand. And that’s fine: it’s my job, and theirs, to keep up to date with these ever evolving regulations.

By putting me in direct contact with the various people involved in your project, I can personally keep track of all the information I need, verify its accuracy and get straight to the horse’s mouth if something doesn’t add up.

For you, this means less trawling through your emails and more time to spend on what you’re best at with, peace of mind that your Part L deadlines will be hit swiftly and accurately.

So if you want Energist to guide you safely through energy regulations, an additional option may be to help us help you by sharing the contact details of everyone involved on your project.

Steve Hull

Author: Steve Hull

This article was published by Steve Hull on 22.07.2014.