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Surface Water run off

Sur 1 can have a profound impact on your CSH assessment

We are finding that an increasing number of authorities are asking developers to show compliance with the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH). One thing some of our clients are struggling with is the mandatory category Sur 1, surface water run off.

A Flood Risk Assessment is mandatory under Sur 1

Housing developments need to avoid, reduce and delay the discharge of rainfall to public sewers and watercourses. The criteria aim to ensure that any new development has minimal or no negative impact on the potential for local or ‘downstream’ flooding.

Sur 1 includes a mandatory requirement to provide evidence that your dwellings will not flood in the event of a total drainage system failure (caused either by extreme rainfall or a lack of maintenance).

It is mandatory that both the peak rate of run-off and the predicted volume of run-off from the site do not increase following your development.

Design a drainage system early in the design process

It has become even more important to design a drainage system early in the design process. As well as the mandatory element, it is also possible to gain a further two credits for using SUDS to improve water quality of the rainwater discharged or for protecting the quality of the receiving waters.

How to gain credits

One credit can be awarded by ensuring there is no discharge from the developed site for rainfall depths of up to 5mm (roughly half of all rainfall events). One credit is available for ensuring all run off from hard surfaces receives an appropriate level of treatment to minimize the risk of pollution. Both of these options will require specialist advice.

A greater choice of SUDs techniques

Infiltration used to be the only method of managing run off. The new criteria allow other SUDs techniques and thus give much greater flexibility. Other SUDs techniques include wet ponds, rainwater harvesting and soakaways.

Did you know that green and brown roofs can form part of a SUDS, helping to reduce the rate of surface water run-off (and also increasing the ecological value of the site)?

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Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 22.01.2012.