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The Housing Standards Review - Process & Compliance

1) Integrate the new Standards directly into the Building Regulations. This would take longer as it would involve changes to statutory Regulation. However, the enforcement of the standards would then reside with Building Control, rather than with the planning department.

2) Create a national set of standards which are available for local planning authorities to apply through planning conditions. The enforcement of these planning conditions would involve input from Building Control. This would be a much quicker process but could add delays to the planning process.

The consultation is clear that the Governments preference is to move towards option 1, whereby the Building Regulations are solely responsible for technical standards. It does however recognise that to do this would take some time and therefore proposes that option 2 is used in the interim solution, allowing standards to be developed and integrated into the house building industry, without the delay of updating legislation.

The Government wants to implement the findings of the Housing Standards Review as quickly as possible, pending the outcome of the consultation process.  You can therefore expect some fairly quick changes to the processes that shape our industry. And whilst we’re talking about process, it’s also worth noting that Building Information Modelling will be mandated from 2016 on all public new builds. Something that we will all need to get up to speed on fairly quickly.

So that’s it for our blogs on the Housing Standards Review. Hope you've found them useful. You have one more day to have your say:

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 21.10.2013.