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Top Ten Tips for BREEAM

1 Get us involved as early as possible

You really do need to appoint BREEAM assessors as early as possible - ideally at RIBA Work Stage B.

2 Carry out vital drainage assessments before starting on site

You should carry out an ecology assessment, flood risk assessment and devise a compliant drainage plan before starting any work on site.

3 Know the BREEAM Manual

It may seem obvious, but the more familiar you are with the BREEAM manual, the more help you will receive in collating compliant evidence.

4 Be clear when sending evidence

When sending evidence please be as clear as you can as to what you are sending us. Keep evidence for different credits separate from each other in different, clearly headed emails, e.g. Trumpton Fire Station: Man 01 – sustainable procurement.

5 Don’t let credits slip you by

If you are having difficulty with any of the BREEAM credits, let us know. We are here to help you gain as many credits as possible.

6 Make sure design changes don’t impact on your BREEAM

Let’s face it, designs do change. However, please make sure you inform your BREEAM assessor before the changes are made permanent so we can check that it doesn’t impact on the BREEAM assessment.

7 Carry out your SBEM calculations as soon as possible

The SBEM calculation for Ene 01 can contribute a large number of credits to your total. Ideally the assessment needs to be undertaken as soon as practically possible as any shortfall in credits will have to be made up elsewhere.

8 Keep up to date with BREEAM New Construction requirements

Some evidence categories require much more long-term monitoring and record-keeping in BREEAM New Construction than in earlier versions of BREEAM. Make sure you know how any changes impact your assessment.

9 Identify minimum standards within categories

The quickest way to identify minimum standards within categories is to look in the BREEAM assessment spreadsheet rather than in the Technical Manual

10 Use a BREEAM AP

Points for using a BREEAM AP (accredited professional) are now embedded within individual evidence categories. For example, in Man 01, up to three credits are available under BREEAM 2011 for the comprehensive use of a BREEAM AP throughout a project.

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Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 20.08.2012.