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BREEAM Awards 2017

Now a firm fixture in the calendar, the BREEAM Awards have become a must-attend night of the year for property and built environment professionals. On the 7th March 2017 attendees from across the industry put on their smartest black tie attire and headed to what turned out to be a fantastic evening, hosted by writer and broadcaster, Michael Portillo.

Respected as the world’s leading sustainability scheme, we take great pride in being able to sponsor the night’s proceedings, highlighting our stance at centre of everything that happens in the industry.

Guests began to arrive from 7pm to be welcomed into the Energist sponsored Champagne Reception. As they all filled the room the excitement and anticipation of the night ahead could be felt as they all enjoyed the Willy Wonka twist. The atmosphere was full of laughter and performances from the Oompah Loompa’s added a little something extra.

From humorous selfies, to nibbling a few sweet treats from moonlit trees – the evening was well on its way towards the main event. When the main hall doors opened, guests were dazzled with the impressive staging and lighting adorning the platform of which the many prestigious awards would be given.

Once the guests were seated, the room was then welcomed by the wonderfully well humoured and self-deprecating words of Michael Portillo, who really did bring something very captivating to the whole evening and delivery of the awards. After his introduction, dinner was served, many tasty creations devoured and wine glasses raised, but the highlight was undoubtedly the ‘Energist presents Wonka’s Pure Imagination’ dessert. When the dessert arrived you could hear the volume and excitement increase, it felt amazing to hear laughing, fizzing and popping from every corner of the room, yes that’s right fizzing and popping! A beautiful rich chocolate hat, blazoned with marzipan and a soft mango centre that rest on an edible garden with flowers and popping candy, it was clear we were all reconnecting with that inner child for just a small moment in time.

As the awards began, the hard work, pioneering and excellence from those within the industry was recognised. We had great pride in awarding the category ‘Country First’ and our BREEAM Manager Rhiannon Edwards gave a wonderful presentation too (even with her ski induced arm fracture). A true professional, the show must go on as the say (get better soon Rhiannon!).

As well adding our splash of “Pure Imagination” there is an important aspect to the evening that we should be acknowledging which is vast scale of BREEAM. Since it was founded in 1990, there are more than 558,900 BREEAM certified developments, and almost 2,261,300 buildings registered for assessment. One reason why it’s hugely important to celebrate the best of the best, who lead the way in innovation.

It is also important to consider that with BREEAM “Time is Money.” So if you’re looking to start your next project or are having issues with a current project, Rhiannon and her team can complete a Health Check to ensure your route to BREEAM Compliance is the best for you.

Overall the BREEAM Awards 2017 was a wonderful event attended by the many talented and inspiring people of our industry.

The winning buildings are listed below:

  • Atlas Building, Eindhoven (Education and Healthcare)

  • Fulfillment Center, Waalwijk (Industrial)

  • Energy Academy Europe, Geoningen and Royal Agio Cigars, Duizel (Mixed Use and Other Buildings Awards joint winners)

  • Kings Place, London (Office In-Use Award)

  • Geelen Counterflow, Haelen (Office New Construction Award)

  • 80-100 Victoria Street, London (Office Refurbishment and Fit-Out Award)

  • Tribe Apartments, Manchester (Residential Award)

  • Heuvel, Eindhoven (Retail In-Use Award)

  • Lidl Supermarket, Vaxjo (Retail New Construction)

But wait….. We’re not quite finished yet, we still have a few things up our sleeves. So whether you attended the awards or not this year, we have a little more Wonka magic in the mix. So watch our social media channels, your postman and inbox - keep your eyes open for the unexpected and ever so confusing inedible edible surprise!!!


Amanda Thorne

Author: Amanda Thorne

This article was published by Amanda Thorne on 17.03.2017.