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Eco Homes

Green home construction and energy efficient updates are becoming more and more of a priority to homeowners and developers everywhere. Using sustainable energy in your home means taking initiative to improve the condition of the environment while reducing your energy costs in the long run. Building an eco home or making eco-renovations to your current home requires close attention and a willingness to invest in the future. In this article, Modernize has laid out some of the advantages as well as the process for building a sustainable home.

  • Fertilizers, pesticides, and oil down the street to the drain and ultimately contributing to water pollution. Composting means preventing the production of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, that comes from kitchen waste. When the waste is exposed to oxygen, it produces a nutrient-rich by-product that nourishes your plants.
  • Passive solar design. Active solar technology uses photovoltaic cells to capture sunlight and convert it to energy. When it comes to passive solar, however, the design of the home itself optimizes light and air movement to stabilize temperatures. Features that contribute to passive solar design include overhangs and shading, the positioning of the windows, the materials used, and even the way the house itself is positioned.

Advantages of Building an Eco Home Going green is rewarding in a number of ways. One of the foremost advantages is for those of us who prioritize good stewardship of the earth and its resources: a glimmer of hope for a clean future in the midst of an ongoing environmental crisis. When we treat the earth well, it treats us well; relying on sustainable energy means reducing the cost associated with your home’s energy use and providing you independence from rising utility costs. As if there weren’t enough advantages involved, eco homes tend to have more temperature stability, which makes for more comfortable living. Improved indoor air quality keeps your family healthier and safe from toxins commonly found in the finishes and treatments of traditional building materials. Less maintenance, tax benefits, and increased property value are a few extra of the manifold benefits of owning an eco home. By Hannah West,  Via Modernize    

Stuart Clark

Author: Stuart Clark

This article was published by Stuart Clark on 19.10.2015.