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The Housing Standards Review - Materials

At present the Code for Sustainable Homes Materials section awards credits for the type of materials used in a development and how sustainably they are sourced.  These criteria only apply to CSH assessed homes, which the consultation considers a relatively small fraction of the new build housing stock. One could also argue that when building in traditional masonry or timber frame, little attention is paid to these credits are they aren't heavily weighted. The type of construction is rarely changed to achieve more materials credits.

Outside the requirements of the CSH, some Local Authorities specify their own hybrid standards and British and International Standards apply. In addition products complying with EU regulation should be CE marked.

So with the planned phase out of the CSH and the removal of local authority conditions on material use, there would be no additional regulatory requirements on the sourcing of materials leaving the industry to lead development in this area and self-regulated.

Do you agree that this approach removes unwanted red tape or will self-regulation discourage innovation and lower sustainable materials standards? Have your say at

Jon Ponting

Author: Jon Ponting

This article was published by Jon Ponting on 21.10.2013.