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What is a SAP assessment?

<p>To complete a SAP assessment, we need to consider (among other things):</p>

<li>the size of your house</li>
<li>heat losses through walls, roofs and windows</li>
<li>orientation to measure sunlight</li>
<li>heating and hot water types and efficiency</li>
<li>renewable technologies</li>

<p>The end figure is called a Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) which is the predicted amount of kilograms of Carbon Dioxide created by your house every year, per square metre of floor space. This figure needs to be lower than the Target Emission Rate (TER). As a rule of thumb, the TER is what your house would achieve if built to the very limits of Part L Building Regulations, less 20%.<br />
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Katie Smart

Author: Katie Smart

This article was published by Katie Smart on 13.04.2015.