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Why have planning insisted I use renewables to cut emissions for my new home?

Some councils are a couple of steps ahead of Building Regulations, and are looking for ways to get us building to a better standard. It’s a bit of a postcode lottery at the moment… some councils will ask for renewables, some will ask you to improve building fabric… some will focus on carbon emissions, some will ask for an energy reduction… some ask for 10%, some ask for 20%... What a minefield! For more information, visit our Energy Statement page. We create reports like this for scores of councils across the UK, so we know how to get the boxes ticked for you. But be warned… the council may refuse planning permission if you don’t meet their requirements. The excuse of not being able to afford renewables won’t wash!

Katie Smart

Author: Katie Smart

This article was published by Katie Smart on 04.04.2016.