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Why is my EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) not A-Rated

Why is my EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) not A-Rated

It’s logical to think that a new building which fully complies with Part L would be expected to reach the highest band of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), but that it not the case. Most new houses are expected to score a B or a C on the EPC.

This is because the EPC has been designed to be one point of reference whether you’re looking at a zero carbon home or a 500 year old castle. New homes which are built to the current regulations are still expected to produce 12-18 kilograms of carbon dioxide per square metre every year.

The coveted ‘A’ band is reserved for buildings which create far less than that. In order to reach the A band you’d need to look at ways of dramatically cutting the annual fuel bills of your home – the most common way is to generate energy on site, or by using a cheap, sustainable fuel source instead of gas or electricity.

As we move closer to a mandatory zero carbon homes standard, more buildings will begin to score A ratings, but we’re not quite at that stage just yet.

Rhiannon Edwards

Author: Rhiannon Edwards

This article was published by Rhiannon Edwards on 14.10.2014.