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Meet the Energist Planning Team

08 Feb 2019


In the last couple of years we have seen a surge in interest for our planning services. It seems that local authorities are really clamping down on developers and pushing new sites towards sustainability – especially in more urban areas where there is more of a focus on air quality and sustainable living.

Our ever-growing planning department now covers more services than ever before, as we look to offer solutions to our clients.


Meet the team

Our thermal modelling and overheating specialists

The Planning team is led by Mark, a specialist in thermal dynamic modelling and overheating analysis. Large city developments are coming under tougher scrutiny to reduce the risk of homes suffering unbearable temperatures during the summer – the 2018 heatwave only added to this ‘hot’ topic.

As there are currently no building regulations concerning overheating (apart from a brief and basic mention in Part L), inner city planning departments are taking it on themselves to ensure new homes are designed with cool breezes in mind.

We have recently welcomed Ben into our planning team, who will be working alongside Mark to create thermal dynamic models, and to check new building designs are up to scratch.


Our BREEAM specialists

Another service that keeps our planning team is busy BREEAM. Just like overheating analysis, this is also purely driven by local planning policy.

Will, who joined us in 2018, looks after a large proportion of our BREEAM clients. This assessment can take years to complete, as credits are awarded to the developer from pre-planning through to post-completion.

The residential equivalent of BREEAM was the Code for Sustainable Homes. Despite this scheme being phased out several years ago, our planning team are still helping developers tidy up legacy sites where the requirement is still on the table.

Our Energy Strategy specialists

Our most popular planning service is Energy Strategies. New starter Maihul works alongside Ruth and Dominique to produce reports confirming how developers can offset their carbon emissions through low carbon and renewable technology.

Our team of assessors

We also have assessors on hand you can help with planning conditions focusing on sunlight impact analysis, ecology as well as noise and vibration concerns.

As planning departments continue to place more emphasis on important areas of sustainable construction which simply aren’t covered by building regulations, you can be sure the Energist planning team will be on hand to help find solutions, to reduce pressure and to keep Britain building.

Contact our team today and find out how we can help with your project.



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Jon Ponting

Energy & Sustainability Specialist


Jon Ponting

Energy & Sustainability Specialist