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Meet the Team: Q&A with Connie

18 Mar 2019


Connie Linnane, Regional Team Manager

Connie brings together the Regionals sales team of Business Development Managers, who work closely with our Regional clients around the country to ensure we understand their individual requirements and provide all the information they need to complete our services on their projects.

“What I love about my role is that no two days and no two projects are the same. For one project I can be working on a one-off build requiring SAP Calculations, and the next project can be for a volume house-builder with 100 dwellings to quote for.

Each client has different needs and I really enjoy getting to know these clients and understanding their requirements.”

We asked Connie to share with us what it’s like to work at Energist:


1. Describe yourself in three words
Fun, trustworthy, loyal.

2. What is your favourite quote?
“If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you always got.”

3. What is a big problem in the construction industry that Energist are helping to solve?
There are service providers out there that don’t have the same knowledge base as the Energist team and we are finding on several occasions that we are stepping in to pick up the pieces for the client. We can work at pace to deliver in required timescales for our clients to meet their specific needs.

4. What has been your most rewarding moment since joining Energist?
Receiving feedback from my clients about the positive difference we have made for them.

5. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
A cat – sleep all day, interact with people on my terms and have food bought to me.

6. What is your favourite chocolate?
After Eight mints – dark and love the texture and the flavor, because it’s slightly exotic.

And finally…

The team at Energist are super friendly and we all work together to ensure we deliver exactly what the client needs, within their deadlines.

We work hard and we play hard… we need to so we work off ALL the chocolate we eat!

The knowledge that the team has is second to none and this is what helps us deliver a service that our clients are happy to pay.


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Connie Linnane

Regional Team Manager


Connie Linnane

Regional Team Manager