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Many planning departments now expect developers of large projects to complete a BREEAM assessment. This detailed assessment goes beyond the requirements of Building Regulations and ensures your building is designed and constructed to a high standard.

BREEAM - At what stage(s) does this apply during your build?

What is BREEAM New Construction?

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) created BREEAM to give developers a best practice approach to creating the most sustainable and efficient buildings. Since it’s creation it has become a worldwide standard.

In the UK, local planning authorities (LPA) can include BREEAM as a planning condition for new developments. It can also be adopted voluntarily.

BREEAM is a credit based assessment. You earn credits by complying with the requirements of the various categories. There are five ratings to aim for, ranging from a Pass, to Outstanding.

These assessments can be time consuming, and you need to work out a plan of which credits you are going to target. The earlier you can create a plan for compliance, the better.

We also offer BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment services where the local authority has imposed planning conditions on renovation projects. 

Top Tips for BREEAM

  • Your planning authority will confirm which BREEAM rating they are expecting your development to achieve. Don’t leave things to the last minute and have a plan in place before any work starts on site.

  • BREEAM runs throughout your build and may last several years. Once the assessment has been completed you will receive certification to show the standard your building has achieved. 

  • Bringing an experienced BREEAM Advisory Professional on board from day one can in itself gain you credits, as well as help smooth over any bumps along the way. 

The Energist Approach

  • We won't send you a BREEAM Manual! We don't expect you to be a BREEAM expert and we won't send you anything that isn't relevant or essential.

  • Our team of BREEAM Advisory Professionals will take your BREEAM workload off your hands.

  • We will liaise directly with your Local Planning Authority to ensure that we fully understand your project, before making recommendations and highlighting potential danger areas.

  • We're with you every step of the way, responding to any queries the same day and providing evidence feedback in 7 days to meet your deadlines.


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