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BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment

Although BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment does not appear in building regulations, your Local Planning Authority (LPA) may add it into the planning conditions on your residential project.

BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment - At what stage(s) does this apply during planning?

What does BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment apply to?

There is growing focus on finding ways to reduce the energy used by existing buildings and one way to combat this is to make them more sustainable during renovation work. This is where the BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment scheme comes in.

The scheme was introduced in 2012 to replace the EcoHomes assessment but only applies to existing residential buildings. For example, if you are renovating a block into flats. The scheme is not part of building regulations but may be requested by your LPA. 

Similarly to BREEAM assessments for New Constructions, compliance is achieved by scoring credits.

To do this, evidence must be gathered throughout the build to prove that the development is following the BREEAM guidance.

Top Tips for BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment

  • BREEAM assessments have five levels (ratings) and your planning authority will confirm which level they expect your development to achieve.

  • Some sections of BREEAM make more of an impact to the end result than others. Focusing on these credits will make your life easier.

  • Bringing an experienced BREEAM Advisory Professional on board from day one can in itself gain you credits, as well as help smooth over any bumps along the way. 

  • BREEAM runs throughout your build and may last several years. Once the assessment has been completed you will receive certification to show the standard your building has achieved. 

The Energist Approach

  • Our team of BREEAM Advisory Professionals will take your BREEAM workload off your hands.

  • We will liaise directly with your LPA to ensure that we fully understand your project, before making recommendations and highlighting potential danger areas. We're with you every step of the way, responding to any queries the same day and providing evidence feedback in 7 days to meet your deadlines.

  • We help identify easy-win credits and provide you with an easy to use reporting structure.

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