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Sunlight Impact

It is well established that a home with lots of natural light feels warmer and is a more pleasant place to live in. However, in some more built-up areas the access to natural light is compromised by the presence of existing buildings.

What is a Sunlight Impact Assessment?

Are you designing a new development that has limited access to light? Or are you concerned about the impact of a neighbouring development on your existing home?

A Sunlight Impact Assessment uses 3D modelling and sunpath indicators to review the amount of light available before and after building work is completed.

Top Tips for Sunlight Impact Assessments

  • If a room does not receive good levels of natural light, it will be gloomy for residents who would be more likely to use artificial light and heating, thus increasing energy use.

The Energist Approach

  • We compare our model to current Government guidance to show the amount of light received by a new building, the impact it may have on existing buildings, and even show how the development may affect the available light for future developments.

  • This information can be useful when compiling your planning application, especially if you intend to build close to existing buildings.

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