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Home Quality Mark (HQM)

Demonstrate to potential buyers how well a dwelling performs and raise awareness of home quality with the voluntary Home Quality Mark scheme.

Home Quality Mark (HQM) - At what stage(s) does this apply during planning?

What is Home Quality Mark?

The Home Quality Mark (HQM) was brought in to replace the Code for Sustainable Homes in 2015. However, a key difference is that HQM is completely voluntary.

Similar to its predecessors, HQM is a credit based assessment. Credits can be won by committing to certain targets that push the building’s performance above the current targets set out in building regulations.

As well as looking at the building design and specification, credits are also awarded based on the site surroundings including transport links, ecology and flood risk, and after sales targets.

The end result is a five star rating that can show potential buyers how well the dwelling performs.

Do I need Home Quality Mark?

Home Quality Mark is a voluntary scheme and planners are not able to force developers to opt in. This has led to HQM becoming an elite exercise for architects and construction companies to showcase how their sustainable building practices put them above the rest.

Top Tips for Home Quality Mark

  • Home Quality Mark should begin during planning as credits are only available before work starts on site.

  • Having a qualified Home Quality Mark Assessor on board at the Design Stage means that recommendations can be made on credits that will be cheaper and more commercially viable to achieve.

  • HQM is designed to raise the awareness of home quality and close the performance gap between predicted and actual energy use.

The Energist Approach

  • Within our team of technical specialists are qualified Home Quality Mark Assessors who can help you secure credits that will likely be cheaper and more commercially viable to achieve.

  • We can offer advice from the early stages of planning through to final handover, and give you regular contact to make sure you are keeping on track to reach your preferred star rating.

  • We will review your plans, planning conditions and specifications and liaise directly with your Planning Officer, Building Control Officer, suppliers and specification providers. 

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