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Noise and Vibration

Are you building near a train line or busy road? You may need to provide evidence at the planning stage to show you have taken the right steps to sound proof your building. Don't risk your end result and have an initial survey at pre-construction stage.

Noise and Vibration Surveys - At what stage(s) does this apply during planning?

Do I need a Noise and Vibration survey?

If you are building in a densely populated area, close to a railway or next to industrial units, there may be concerns about background noise. Although Building Regulations set out decibel limits for party walls there are no considerations for surrounding noise.

However, some local authorities mention Noise and Vibration within their Local Plans, so the requirement may also depend on where in the country you are building.

Depending on your perspective, people may be worried about background noise such as:

  • The noise of traffic impacting residents of your building

  • The noise of your construction work impacting existing homes, schools and businesses.

Top Tips for Noise and Vibration

  • If your local authority has noise concerns, you may need to commission an acoustician to measure noise levels.

  • If you are building near a train/underground line or busy road, you may need to provide evidence at planning stage to show you have taken the right steps to sound proof the building.

  • Don’t just risk your end test showing the right result. Have the survey done at design pre-construction stage to get it right.

  • Constructing a mixed use building? Increasing prevalence on gyms within offices dictates that early advice is needed.

The Energist Approach

  • Our team of specialists will liaise with the local authority on your behalf to confirm the measurement methodology before agreeing with you and your team the duration of the survey.

  • Our acousticians are able to provide noise surveys pre-construction (to check background levels of noise), during construction (in case you need to check the noise of your workforce aren’t upsetting the neighbours) and after construction (to ensure new residents aren’t experiencing unacceptable decibel levels).

  • The survey methodology and results are presented to you in a detailed report.

There are many reasons why you may feel an acoustic test is appropriate. We are on hand regardless of your reasoning.

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