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Thermographic Survey

How can you be sure your building has been constructed as well as the plans suggest? You could start drilling holes in your walls to check what’s inside, but it would be far less disruptive and easier to commission a thermographic survey.

Thermographic Survey - At what stage(s) does this apply during your build?

What is a Thermographic Survey?

A Thermographic Survey is a non-destructive test of parts, materials and systems.

To conduct the survey a collection of photographs are taken of the building using a thermal imaging camera. The photographs are taken from the outside and highlight areas where heat is escaping. It is not covered by Building Regulations but the exercise can be particularly useful if you think insulation is missing or if you believe flues haven’t been installed correctly.

If you are constructing in line with BREEAM, you can earn an extra credit for commissioning a thermographic survey upon completion.

Top Tips for Thermographic Surveys

  • A Thermographic Survey can only be completed on existing or newly-completed buildings to determine where heat is escaping. 

  • If you are completing a BREEAM assessment, a Thermographic Survey can earn you an extra credit in the Commissioning and Handover section.

The Energist Approach

  • Our team of specialists will work with you to review your plans and objectives, making recommendations along the way.

  • We create your images and report, showing detail and context and send it to you within your deadlines.

  • We're with you every step of the way and provide a same day response to any queries you may have.

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