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SAP 10 for GLA compliance

Part L is changing soon, and all expectations are that compliance is going to be tougher than ever before. Details about the new targets are still sketchy, but we know enough to offer you guidance and help you prepare for these regulation changes.

How Energist can help

AD L 2020 is coming

This service is designed for planning approval and does not review how your specification will fare against the upcoming regulation changes to AD L. Our SAP10 Pre-Emptive Analysis can help you answer this question.

Approved Document AD L uses SAP2012 to assess a dwelling’s energy consumption and carbon emission rate. As the name suggests this methodology is seven years out of date. The Greater London Authority (GLA) and other local planning authorities are now encouraging developers to adopt the more up to date emissions factors listed in the draft SAP10.0 document when requesting Energy Strategies from developers.

This is a forerunner to the as-yet published SAP10.2 which will be used by the new Approved Document AD L when it is released next year.

This approach does not use the proposed new methodology or targets of any future building regulations. It only changes the emission factors used in the calculation which means the results are more reflective of the CO2 produced by the national grid. This has dropped considerably in recent years due to a sharp increase in the use of renewable energy.

As a result of using SAP10.0, more developers in London are being pushed towards electric heating systems which is driving innovation in new technologies and delivering heat pump led district heat networks. We’re at the forefront of these changes and with our expertise on major schemes being assessed under this guidance, we can steer you through the complexities of SAP10.0 and what it means for you.

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Why choose Energist?

  • Our team have developed unique tools to generate planning documents that match your local authority’s requirements and incorporate the SAP 10 emission factors.
  • We understand that the SAP 10 approach often produces recommendations for heating and fabric that you may not be expecting, so we ensure these options are clearly explained with easy to read results tables, and will work with you to select the most viable solution to proceed with.
  • We will discuss options for compliance and liaise with M&E, and will run several options so you can come to the most cost-effective and suitable strategy.
  • We have close links with the GLA and understand the quality they expect from our reports.

Complete solutions from Energist

When rules on energy use and emission targets change, we provide accessible guides, seminars and hot-off-the-press information.

  • The GLA announced in January 2019 that SAP 10 emission factors would be incorporated into the current London Plan. Energist’s Planning Team is on hand with a new-look London Plan Energy Strategy which fully complies with these London Plan changes.
  • The adoption of SAP 10 emission factors will significantly change the result of the SAP and SBEM models which are used in planning strategies.