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Whole Life Cycle Carbon Assessment

Research suggests more than half of a dwelling’s total carbon emissions are tied up in the construction of the materials, but Building Regulations ignore this area completely. The Whole Life Cycle tackles this issue and encourages the use of materials which are kinder on the environment.

How can Energist help

Whole Life Cycle Carbon Assessments (WLC) predict the total carbon emissions of a building over its lifetime, including the emissions used to create it.

All key building components are considered, from the cement between the bricks to the bedroom skirting boards. The amount of CO2 used to produce it, transport it to site and recycle it following demolition are all thrown into the mix.

WLC will officially be launched in the New London Plan, however the Greater London Authority (GLA) is already including this requirement in planning conditions on major schemes and is encouraging local boroughs to include it on smaller developments also.

There are three stages to the life cycle assessment. A pre-planning edition covers the proposed principles which will be adopted on site. A second phase includes full modelling of the carbon emissions across the building, including options for improving the results. A third, post-construction version provides results using project specific construction data and compares these results against a target.


Will Orriss-Baxter

BREEAM Manager


Will Orriss-Baxter

BREEAM Manager

Why choose Energist?

  • Our Planning team have extensive experience of Life Cycle Analysis and know which materials perform better than others
  • We will ensure you have the submission documents needed for each planning application stage
  • We become part of your design team. We will communicate to the rest of the team in a clear and timely manner
  • Despite the complexities of this topic, our reports are clearly laid out and simple to follow
  • We will guide you through the WLC steps from pre-planning to completion

Complete solutions from Energist

  • Planners seem to ask the world these days – we have a comprehensive list of services which we complete in-house. This includes Energy Strategies, BREEAM, Circular Economy and Overheating Analysis
  • We will review your planning conditions in full and tell you which ones we can help with. You may be surprised with just how many boxes we can tick
  • We can help post-planning as well. The Energist Technical Team can deal with SAP and SBEM compliance, while our Testing team can carry out your air leakage and acoustic tests on site