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SAP 10

Change to London Plan policy means a staggering shift away from CHP systems

For many years the largest new developments in London have favoured district heating networks with Combined Heat and Power. However, a recent revision to the London Plan now means policy is driving us towards electric…

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The London Plan switches to SAP 10 – will this end CHP dominance in the capital?

The GLA’s changes – coming into force in January – are set to end CHP dominance in the capital. Jon Ponting from the Energist Technical Team explains why. The Greater London Authority (GLA) has surprised…

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Newly built residential houses

What will SAP 10 changes mean for you?

After years of anticipation, we are now one step closer to knowing where the construction industry will need to push to meet the next wave of energy efficiency targets. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) has,…

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