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BREEAM Fees Increase

Planning Stage (RIBA 0-3)
Planning Stage (RIBA 0-3)

BREEAM Fees Increase


BREEAM Fees Increase

Developers who regularly deal with BREEAM assessments, take note: registration fees are increasing at the start of July.

To avoid the price increase, any upcoming developments should be registered before the new rates kick in.

BREEAM is often requested as a planning condition on larger non-residential developments, and on refurbishments of apartment buildings. It is more commonly completed on inner city sites to ensure new building projects are going above the usual standards for energy efficiency and sustainable construction.

When completing the assessment, design teams should expect charges for both registration and certification fees. This is administered by the creators of BREEAM, The Building Research Establishment.

Projects registered prior to July 1st will not be affected by this change in fees. If you have a project in the pipeline which is going to need a BREEAM assessment in the near future, speak to our Technical Team about what’s required to register your site before the cut-off date.

The fee for registering a BREEAM assessment is increasing by 6% to £280.

Certification fees for new builds will range from £810 for a ‘simple’ building, to £4,160 for the largest, most complicated buildings.

Certification fees for refurbishment projects will again vary on the size and complexity of the works, but will range from £565 to £2,675.

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