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Demonstrate your environmental performance and secure the BREEAM rating you need

Our BREEAM experts can help advise and deliver solutions such as:

  • Streamlining your assessment process

  • Incorporate compliant, buildable sustainability solutions

  • Reduce risk and deliver on the rating you need

  • Evidence your environmental performance


Securing a BREEAM rating can be a complicated and challenging exercise. With our guidance, you’ll reduce risk throughout the process and secure BREEAM certification in a cost-effective and easy way.

Drawing on our expertise, you’ll incorporate sustainability measures that are not only compliant and buildable but also straightforward to evidence.

As both your consultant and assessor we’ll guide you through the whole assessment and certification process. We’ll present you with all viable options for your development and also offer our expert opinion on the best solutions, working to your wider project objectives.

Our approach to BREEAM

At Energist, we believe BREEAM solutions should fulfil three core requirements. Measures should be:

  1. Cost-effective and viable for the development;
  2. Compliant with any relevant regulations and conditions, while aligning with project objectives and parameters;
  3. Easy to evidence for assessment.

Our BREEAM service

A BREEAM assessment follows a project from concept design through to post-construction. To achieve the highest rating in an efficient, cost-effective way, you must start early.

From Design to Development

With a range of criteria to work to – covering Energy, Ecology, Wellbeing, Management and more – we draw on our experience from previous schemes to deliver the best advice. Working closely with your design team, we review all credits available, identifying which are most appropriate for your development based on your build stage, design constraints and project objectives.

Where credits are intrinsically linked – energy, overheating and daylight, for example – we draw up solutions workable for each element of a build and delivering on all relevant criteria. We then work with project architects, engineers and design teams throughout, setting appropriate deadlines and providing templates for evidence collection.

BREEAM Approved Professionals (AP)

When build begins, we can provide a BREEAM Approved Professional (AP) Service to support with site inspections and evidence gathering to demonstrate environmental design. We review all evidence, advising if amendments need to be made, and issue tracker updates ahead of the Quality Assurance process for the final certification.

For mixed-use developments we can advise on each type of assessment required, identifying where there can be crossover for credits. For bespoke developments, unsuitable for specific BREEAM schemes, we can secure a bespoke manual from the Building Research Establishment (BRE).


Demonstrate environmental performance

In the drive to develop sustainable buildings, many local authorities require BREEAM assessment and certification from developers. Increasingly, developers and end clients voluntarily include certification in their project objectives, seeing the value of environmental design and working to wider ESG commitments.

Whether you’re seeking a specific rating to fulfil planning requirements, or to hold yourselves accountable for environmental performance, we’ll support you to demonstrate your sustainability credentials.

Experts in Building Research Establishment (BRE)

As an independent, licensed and experienced assessor, we understand exactly what the Building Research Establishment (BRE) is looking out for when certifying developments. We’ll produce reports that cater to its requirements and style to ensure the quality assurance process is as smooth as possible.


Supporting through the planning stage

c.1,300 apartments & c.50,000sqft commercial space supported through planning stage, working to RIBA 1-3. Developed comprehensive sustainability-led design principles; produced collaboratively through early-stage circular economy and whole lifecycle carbon assessments workshops. Delivered long-term solutions to future-proof ongoing development – due for completion by 2030.

Get started on your BREEAM assessment today.

BREEAM – background and benefits

BREEAM stands for the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. It is an independent, credits-based method used to assess, rate and certify a building’s environmental performance.

Launched in 1990, the Building Research Establishment (BRE) is led by researchers, scientists, engineers and technicians, working to improve the built environment. It is used in more than 70 countries around the world, with more than half a million buildings having been assessed.

Sustainable buildings must be reviewed by an independent BREEAM assessor. Scoring is against a range of criteria, including materials, transport and pollution, waste and management processes, energy and water use, and health and wellbeing. Assessors then certify findings on a scale, ranging from ‘Pass’, ‘Good’ and ‘Very Good’, through to ‘Excellent’ and ‘Outstanding’.


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