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Sunlight between tall building affecting light levels on surrounding

Sunlight and Daylight Impact Assessments

We are regularly building on sites close to existing buildings. This inevitably leads to situations where existing residents think your proposed development is too close to them. A Daylight and Sunlight Assessment is a way of showing how your proposed development may cast shadows on your new neighbours, and if those shadows are considered too great.

How Energist can help

As development space becomes more limited, we are regularly building in already densely populated areas, leading to situations where existing residents may think your proposed development will be in too close proximity.

A Daylight and Sunlight Assessment may be required at the request of your local authority and will show the impact of your proposed development on neighbouring buildings. This is only requested when a proposed site is situated very close to existing buildings, and mainly affects developments in urban areas, although it can also be completed voluntarily if there is a need to prove how light levels will be affected.

Our team of specialists will produce a 3D model of your site and its surroundings to show the path of the sun and how your building will shadow adjacent properties. We compare these results to standardised guidance and produce a clear report with our findings, taking the complexity of this planning requirement completely off your desk.

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Aaron Perry

Technical Delivery Manager


Aaron Perry

Technical Delivery Manager

Why choose Energist?

  • We provide initial advice on any possible risky areas in the design at very early design stages to ensure adequate measures are put in place as early as possible.
  • We create 3D models for both the existing and proposed development which allows clear visibility of the impact caused. We can map sun-paths and use shadow analysis to give a very clear, accurate and visual assessment of the proposed development.
  • If you don’t have plans readily available for existing and surrounding units, we can attend the site instead to gather the information.

Complete solutions from Energist

Daylight and Sunlight Assessment’s are one of a host of services that Energist’s Technical Team can help you with. You may also need:

  • Many Local Planning Authorities now request a BREEAM Assessment to ensure a building is constructed to a high standard.
  • An Energy Statement is often request by the Local Planning Authority to encourage developers to be even more environmentally friendly.
  • For planning applications made before 2015, Code for Sustainable Homes may still be required as part of legacy planning conditions.