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Energist UK's Comprehensive Solutions for J Murphy & Sons' Project: A House for Artists

Case Studies
Case Studies

Energist UK's Comprehensive Solutions for J Murphy & Sons' Project: A House for Artists


Client Overview: In the autumn of 2021, Energist UK was appointed by J Murphy & Sons, a renowned construction and engineering company, to provide a range of essential services for a project that demanded compliance with AD L regulations and adherence to the London Plan. The collaboration spanned from 2021 to 2022, and Energist UK worked closely with Murphy’s design team to ensure the successful implementation of their diverse services.

Project Requirements: The primary objective of the project was to achieve AD L Compliance and meet the stringent guidelines outlined in the London Plan. To address these requirements, Energist UK provided a suite of services tailored to the project’s unique needs.

Energist UK Services:

  1. SAP Assessments: Energist UK conducted comprehensive SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) assessments to evaluate the energy performance of the building. This involved analysing factors such as insulation, heating systems, and ventilation to ensure the project met regulatory standards.
  2. Energy Statement: Crafting a detailed Energy Statement, Energist UK provided a comprehensive overview of the project’s energy consumption, efficiency measures, and sustainability features. This statement played a crucial role in demonstrating compliance with energy regulations.
  3. Daylight Impact Assessment: Energist UK addressed the importance of natural light within the building through specialised daylighting assessments. By optimising the use of daylight, the design team aimed to enhance occupant comfort while minimising the reliance on artificial lighting.
  4. Overheating Analysis: To prevent issues related to overheating, Energist UK conducted thorough analyses to identify potential problem areas within the design. This proactive approach aimed to create a comfortable indoor environment, especially during warmer periods.
  5. SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model): Ensuring compliance with Part L of the building regulations, Energist UK utilised SBEM to assess the building’s energy performance. This involved evaluating factors such as insulation, lighting, and HVAC systems to achieve the desired energy efficiency standards.

Collaboration and Key Contacts: Throughout the project duration, Energist UK maintained open communication and collaboration with key members of J Murphy & Sons’ design team. The contacts within the design team included Bernice Bear, Jason Fernandes, and Sinead A Brosnahan. This collaborative effort ensured that Energist UK’s services were seamlessly integrated into the overall design process.

Outcome: The successful collaboration between Energist UK and J Murphy & Sons’ design team resulted in a project that not only met but exceeded AD L Compliance and London Plan requirements.

Recognition: The project was recognized for its excellence and innovation in design, receiving the prestigious RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) London Award in 2023.

For more information on the services provided by Energist UK, please visit Energist UK.

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