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Meet the Energist BREEAM team

13 May 2019


Not every development will require a BREEAM assessment. It all depends on your local planning authority and the size and type of your scheme. If your scheme does have planning conditions with a BREEAM stipulation, from day one you will need to start planning which credits you plan to achieve and how to achieve them. Therefore it’s important to have a team of experienced BREEAM assessors by your side throughout this lengthy process.

The Energist technical team is well-equipped to help you achieve BREEAM compliance, with in-house BREEAM Advisory Professionals and experienced sustainability specialists. Get to know our team and how their expertise can help you:


Will – Senior Energy and Sustainability Specialist

Will has been with Energist for over a year and is a key part of our BREEAM team. As a qualified BREEAM AP and IEMA Practitioner, Will is up to date with the latest best practice for all things relating to the environment and sustainability. Will is well-known for his thorough knowledge of BREEAM and with plenty of experience in this area, he knows the best credits to chase including which ones are essential and which ones to avoid.

In addition, he not only looks at the overall results but can also produce supplementary reports such as the Life Cycle Assessment.


Ellie – Energy and Sustainability Specialist

Ellie is one of our most experienced BREEAM assessors, having been with the Energist team for over 10 years. She not only deals with new BREEAM orders but also manages ongoing Code for Sustainable Homes projects so is very familiar with credits-based assessments.


Maihul – Energy and Sustainability Specialist

Joining the Energist team more recently, Maihul is another one of our specialists in BREEAM. He balances this with working on some of our other planning services such as London Plan compliant Energy Strategies.


BREEAM Advisory Professionals

If you bring a BREEAM AP on board you can earn up to six additional credits overall. In our team, Dominique, Rhiannon and Will all carry this extra qualification and can help you achieve these easy-win credits.


SBEM Assessors

SBEM and BREEAM go hand-in-hand, with much of the ENE section putting emphasis on the building’s SBEM results. In our technical team, Steve and Aaron produce these assessments and pride themselves on finding the most feasible way to ensure both compliance with building regulations while also reaching a required number of BREEAM credits.


Overheating specialists

In the HEA section, up to three credits are available if you commission a building model to check for and resolve overheating risks. Our in-house specialists, Mark and Ben, can take care of this for you. Mark has many years experience in mitigating overheating risk, with a thorough knowledge of the requirements for the London Plan.


In addition to these specialist areas that contribute to BREEAM, we work with partner companies to also provide the various surveys and tests required to achieve ecology and acoustic credits.

Our experienced team are extremely knowledgeable in BREEAM and understand that sometimes the BREEAM manuals need translating into plain English. We know BREEAM assessments can be time-consuming, confusing and complex, which is why we aim to work as an extension to your team and take the workload off your desk.


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Jon Ponting

Energy & Sustainability Specialist


Jon Ponting

Energy & Sustainability Specialist